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The Funding Pendulum Swings



Funding trends among education philanthropists are making dramatic swings away from core K-12 reforms and favoring learning stages happening before and after K-12 education. Formerly funding favored core K-12 reforms such as standards, assessments, and teacher quality. Often funders favored large-scale, academic focused, and national efforts to reform the education system. The release of a Feb. report shows a dramatic shift to more localized, community-based funding in the areas of equity, early learning, career and workforce readiness and social emotional learning.


A description of how philanthropic practice in education funding is dramatically shifting appears in the Grantmakers for Education’s Trend Report released Feb. 27, 2019. According to the report, funders’ interest is declining for support in systemic and structural challenges, like new school models or school turnarounds. The trend is shifting to support whole learning, engaging families and communities, growing programs in workforce and career readiness, and advancing education equity. Collaboration continues to remain a high priority. They also feel the greatest impact happens at the local level. So what are the implications for your company? The funding pendulum is rapidly swinging away from academics and tipping towards serving larger portions of learners around issues equity, early learning, workforce/career readiness, social emotional learning, and family and community engagement. Be prepared to know where you might be fit in the funding pendulum swing. See