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Stop Worrying Yourself A Wake



How many of you have been exhausted after a long day of dealing with customers, getting appointments, staying on top of your CRM, and sometimes feeling like “tearing your hair out?” Do you fall asleep quickly and rest easy? If you’re like many sales and marketing executives probably not because you’re still thinking about your business after the lights go out. You are not alone! So are the school district administrators. Here is one solution that will help you feel better about your work and also help school leaders sleep a little better tonight. Do NOT put this off, unless you like watching infomercials at 3 AM. 


In April 2019, the American Productivity and Quality Center published a 2019 Education K-12 Priorities and Challenges Summary Report. The findings mentioned more than half of the respondents “declared a need to secure alternative funding sources as a top fiscal priority.” This is not surprising, as funding always seems to rise to the top of what keeps administrators up at night. And as sales and marketing executives, it may keep you up at night as well. Funding is the lifeline of any business. Yet when it comes to school purchasing decisions, who has responsibility for finding the financial resources to procure your solution? Ultimately, the responsibility goes back to the school or school district. But suppose they don’t know what funds are available. Suppose they are unsure how to use the funds. Suppose they need support and guidance from a trusted advisor to help them navigate and find the funds needed to make a difference for their students. So let’s jump into meaningful conversations about the funds aligned to your solution. And let’s blanket the schools and districts with the kinds of alternative funds they are seeking.  We will all rest easier by helping each other.