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School Spending, Feeling Confused?



Supplement, Not Supplant; Methodologies; Reporting Requirements; School Spending Transparency– heard any of these phrases? Actually these shape K12 spending; yet they leave many of us feeling dazed and confused. Schools often feel the same. Scanning information on school spending reveals many state presentations and support to help schools grasp the meanings.


A Quick Recap: Under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), guidance was on the Use of Funds. Now with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), guidance is on Allocation of State and Local Funds. More flexibility to school districtswhile still ensuring that federal dollars are supplemental to state and local funds and cannot be used to replace them.

Rationale Behind The Change: The guidance notes ESSA changed the requirement in order to reduce burden, simplify compliance and promote effective spending.

Impact on Schools: A school district needs to show its methodology to allocate state and local resources to schools

The Big Change: School districts do not need to ensure that there is equal per-pupil spending between Title I schools and non-Title I schools. 

Still Wondering What This Has To Do With You?  RFPMatchOnDemand Funding Insights offers some tips.