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Making Makerspaces a Funding Reality



The Maker movement continues to build momentum from both inside and outside the school building. As the trend grows, the Maker community is finding budget friendly ways to create these collaborative learning environments. 


Whether low tech or high tech, the maker movement is taking schools and outside organizations to a new reality. It is transforming how we teach and how we learn. It can open up equitable access and offer inclusive environments for all students. These benefits including focuses on STEM/STEAM and Computer Science build traction for strong cases to secure funding. 

RFPMatch Analysis 

  • Be creative when searching for funding opportunities. Think about words that might trigger funding such as STEM, STEAM, Coding, Computer Science, Equity, Robotics, Programming, Technology, Accessibility, Diversity, Safety, Collaboration, Workforce Development – add your own! 
  • Look for funding outside the traditional sources. Consider federal and state agencies such as agriculture, commerce, environment, justice, labor, humanities, homeland security, museums/libraries, science and others. 
  • Don’t neglect to think other research and evaluation funding streams where makerspaces and your work can make valuable contributions to the educational community offering dissemination strategies and abilities to scale projects to other areas.
  • Makerspaces are about collaborative learning environments. Your funding opportunities multiple when you can also work with collaborative partners in the pursuit of funds.