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Continuous Improvement: Fixing and Funding Low Performing Schools



Although ESSA does not openly mention continuous improvement, the law shifted states from a compliance-driven system to giving opportunities to move forward their own visions. States are rethinking their systems in terms of continuous-improvement especially for low performing schools. 


Continuous improvement borrows popular concepts from the business, nonprofit, and health-care worlds. Funding support from philanthropic groups, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for initiatives such as the Collaborative for Student Success, has spurred interest. ESSA opened the door for states to revision their organizational structures as well as their engagement for school districts needing school improvement.

RFPMatch Analysis 

We are seeing new offices emerge across the states. And as states are reorganizing, we are also seeing a greater focus on using data to support all schools and districts, making the offices more inclusive. Because the major tenets of continuous improvement are to inform and refine efforts to use evidence based interventions, we believe states will continue to find ways to direct funding to the lowest-performing schools.