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Connecting Youth Apprenticeships to Funding



Youth Apprenticeships are becoming a valuable approach for preparing students for future careers with financial support coming from government and businesses.   Expanding apprenticeships programs help to address the labor skills gap in the U.S.


There are many proven benefits of the apprenticeship model, from greater lifetime earnings for participants to an increased return on investment for businesses. States and federal government are stepping up with funding, while businesses and other stakeholder are finding ways to leverage resources. . Examples of how states support youth apprenticeship range from state funding and administration, registered youth apprenticeship programs, public-private partnerships, and the use of CTE funding for pre-apprenticeship pathways

RFPMatch Analysis 

The growth of apprenticeships will be a major driver for more funding opportunities. We anticipate an increase in federal and state opportunities as well as national and local philanthropic funding. Businesses will also bring creative financing models to support this alignment with education and workforce trends.

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