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Connecting Community and Literacy for Funding Advantage



Literacy efforts to bring together partners in employment, education, housing, and other areas can result in increased funding opportunities. Early literacy is recognized of extreme importance. 

Philanthropic groups and many corporations are offering financial support and contributions in promoting the importance of literacy to the future of education and to the needs of workforce.  Often these take the form of community collaboratives. 


Watch for early literacy to begin to take a leading role in funding. 

We are keeping a watchful eye on a new federal grant program aimed at helping states to provide struggling children an equal opportunity in education. According to our sources, the Department of Health and Human Services expects to make up to 40 grants to U.S. states and territories of between $500,000 and $10 million by mid-December. 

Applications will post Aug. 14. States will have until Oct. 15 to apply.