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An Intersection of School Funding and Decision Makers



In our decades of funding work, solution providers often ask us a common question related to categorical funds - whom should I contact? There are many great list serve companies that provide key leaders in the school districts. But an often overlooked opportunity can begin with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

A growing key influencer and perhaps decision maker in the K-12 industry is emerging - the technology director and/or CTO. Many years of isolated funds dedicated to technology, such as Enhancing Education Through Technology, placed the CTO in a silo. Now that role is quickly shifting. One explanation for increased autonomy of the CTO is the way funds are being integrated throughout a district. As the demand for K-12 school districts to implement technology rises, it also necessitates the need for well-equipped leaders to help drive the funding decisions,


Get to know the CTO of the districts you want to do business with. But don't go in without doing your homework.  Find the state and district technology plans and read them to see where your work fits with those goals.