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Latest Funding Trends

Stop Worrying Yourself A Wake

How many of you have been exhausted after a long day of dealing with customers, getting appointments, staying on top of your CRM, and sometimes feeling like “tearing your hair out?” Do you fall asleep quickly and rest easy? If you’re like many sales and...

Funding the Bookends of Education

The bookends of education are becoming a growing funding movement. The bookends of education are Early Learning and Workforce Development. Between the bookends is also an area of growing interest and increase funding – the Whole Learner.   



Disciplinary Alternative Programs Academic Improvement and Extended Year Program Grants

  • College & Career Readiness
  • DE

Title 14, Chap. 16 §1604 established the Consortium for Disciplinary Alternative Programs (CDAP) in order to provide educational and related services for the more severe discipline problems in public schools. These programs are designed primarily for secondary students, including but not limited to: students who have been expelled or are subject to expulsion, and others who have committed serious violations of the local school district discipline policy. Programs must be designed to be restorative in nature and assist in the academic as...


This grant opportunity is only open to Delaware public school districts and/or existing County based Consortiums for Disciplinary Alternative Programs.


Safe Schools Targeted Grant for School Police Officer

  • School Climate
  • PA

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Office for Safe Schools’ Targeted Grant for School Police Officer (SPO) is to assist school entities (which include school districts, charter schools, cyber charter schools, and career and technical schools) and nonpublic schools in funding programs, which address school violence by establishing or enhancing school security, including costs associated with the training and compensation of SPOs. The grant is designed to provide funds to enable the placement of SPOs into schools...


school entities (which include school districts, charter schools, cyber charter schools, and career and technical schools) and nonpublic schools i

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