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Latest Funding Trends

The Corporate Investment Trend

Companies are stepping up and investing in partnerships and workforce training to bridge the skills gap.  Many major U.S. companies are focusing on skills to fill vacant positions and train workers for future roles. Employers from a variety of industries...

Directing Funds for Specific Projects: The Earmark Pendulum Swings

An earmark is congressionally-directed spending for specific projects. In the past, earmarks represented an avenue for educational support identified by Senators or Representatives. Since 2011, there has been a moratorium on earmarks. Recently there have...



Waste Management Practices Grants

  • College & Career Readiness ,
  • Extended Learning ,
  • School Improvement
  • All

To support of scientific research and educational initiatives focused on waste management practices benefiting industry participants and the communities they serve.


Eligible applicants include U.S. or non-U.S.-based institutions. Proposals will be accepted from non-academic institutions provided the principal investigators are qualified to conduct the research. Principal investigators (PI) may include full-time faculty at academic institutions, postdoctoral employees, and principals or senior personnel at non-academic institutions.


Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund for Coronavirus

  • Well Rounded ,
  • School Climate
  • MN

To support community needs as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, MDRF will provide grants to community intermediaries with a history of community assistance. Grants are intended for, but not limited to, organizations working to address the needs of individuals and families stemming from the economic impact of the virus; the needs of nonprofits experiencing increased demand for services or social distancing recommendations and closures; and the needs of small businesses as a result of interrupted operations.


Applicants must be a community intermediary such as a local community foundation, a Minnesota Initiative Foundation, a tribal nation, a community development financial institution, or a coalition, network, association, or other intermediary with the knowledge to address specific needs in their respective communities, as well as the ability to be nimble and responsive in a time of emerging needs. Applicants also must have an existing grantmaking or fund distribution process in place that can get funds to individuals and families, nonprofit...

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