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Latest Funding Trends

Do You Know Which School Districts Are In the Zone?

A huge opportunity in funding looms ahead for schools in economically disadvantaged communities.  In July 2019, the Federal Register posted a proposed priority to grant applicants who submit applications for projects in Opportunity Zones. This could involve...

Uncovering the Unknown: So Where is the Money?

Throughout my over four decades of work in funding, many companies continually ask me, “Now that you have shown me how much money school districts receive, then what is the spend down amounts? Can you tell me how much is left in this district or state...



Human Capital Strategies in Ohio Grant Opportunity

  • Professional Development
  • OH

Excellent educators are vital to ensure that each child in the state of Ohio is challenged, prepared, and empowered, both to succeed as a student and after graduation. To do this, districts and schools must ensure they are using the best possible human capital tools and strategies to attract high-quality educator candidates, support and grow their current educators, and reward those who are doing excellent work. This is especially true of minority teacher and principal candidates and candidates for hard-to-staff subjects. This grant is...


Applications must be developed and submitted by an Ohio K-12 district or school as the project and fiscal lead. Partners can include districts, schools, Educational Service Centers (ESCs), educator preparation programs at institutions of higher education (IHEs), including community colleges (2 year) and four-year institutions.


Teacher Tech Mini Grant Program

  • Well Rounded ,
  • College & Career Readiness ,
  • Extended Learning ,
  • Instruction
  • CO

The education technology mini-grant program was designed to enhance and expand the utility of computers or other existing classroom technology for Colorado’s PreK-12 teachers. Funding may be requested for hardware, such as Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, e-readers, robotics equipment, 3D printers, digital or video cameras, interactive response systems, or to purchase software, technology curriculum, or pay technology conference registration fees.


All Colorado public school teachers grades K-12 as well as teachers in public and private preschools 

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